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Nanocoat Protections

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Nanocoat surface protection products are an exceptionally high quality range of mostly German Engineered and researched products that deliver unmatched LONG TERM protection on a large array of surfaces.

The Water Stain Doctor has been applying Nanocoat onto Glass Showers since 2006, with spectacular results.

Our professionally proven application clip

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Why Nanocoat Brand? How long does it last? Can I apply it myself?

Most surface protection liquids are a silicone based. These literally ‘SIT’ on the glass surface like paint or varnish, and quite simply ‘rub off’ over a short period of time!

Nanocoat (Just a brand name) has evolved over the years, it is engineered to soak into a glass substructure on a ‘nano scale’. end result… 2-5 years of useability in most situations!  We can safely apply it to a well restored Shower Glass surface, and better still a next to NEW Shower Screen.

Nanocoat is sold at retail from the Nanocoat Shop! It is NOT the same product surface application and result you get from a fully warrantable and professional applicator. The dollars you try and save initially almost always ends in tears! Use the HIGH Grade application and warranty option if you can. Our applicators are quite obviously not everywhere, so DIY is often the ONLY option, just make certain you follow our On-Line Video Clip, and MAKE absolutely sure your Glass is completely free of any contaminants… even that of a brand new shower must be prepared… or it will FAIL!

Nanocoat Glass Water Proof Label 2013

What can it protect? What are the different products called?

The most popular and effective surface protection products available from both US, Your Water Stain Licensed Technicians and thru our SHOP are:

  • Metal Marine Stainless Protection: This product is astonishingly long lasting on Boat stainless steel fittings and Pool, Salt water and exterior metal surfaces.
  • Glass Easy Clean Protection: This is the product we apply under a warranty, and with a correctly prepared surface, application and client maintenance, it can last well over 5 years in some conditions and locations.
  • Nano POLISH Protection: Used on Paint, Gel Coat, Fibre Glass and Acrylic, Polycarbonate surfaces. Amazing protection properties, and a product we LOVE
  • Concrete and stone Protect: This product has evolved the most over the last 8 years! When applied correctly, and carefully… it stops ALL egress of water and contaminants! Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Concrete Stone Protect! Astonishing

Nanocoat Glass Water Proof Label 2013

Your easy choices 1: Have US Apply your protection product professionally and with a full warranty.   2: Buy DIY at SHOP (No warranty), and   C:OR Use our exclusive DE-stain paste and not protection… Once per month….will NEVER stain…easy

Benefits to YOU

A Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technician OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

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