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From Shower Glass ... to Cruise Ships!

The Water Stain Doctor™ exclusive, IP Protected products remove all water stains/water spots from glass and many other exterior surfaces. We worked with a chemical engineer to perfect the PASTE. Where other 'wonder products' fail!

Some of the lesser-known restoration work we do includes:

 Emergency vehicles

eg. Fire Engines


Onsite Demo & Quote

This usually includes a The Water Stain Doctor™ technician or local business carrying out a small glass restoration test patch to show you what the result will be. We can quote onsite and most of our clients are so impressed by the test patch results, they choose to have the glass restored and/or protected straight away.     

If your area is not serviced by an agency or business unit, you can buy most (Full Commercial Strength) Water Stain Doctor™ products in our secure online store. We'll send to you globally. This is the same technology we use ourselves

Book onsite Demo & Quote

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Mining Vehicles



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 Cruise Ships and Catamarans 

 Scratch-damaged Perspex, Polycarbonate & Plexiglass​

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The Water Stain Doctor | Logo