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Bus & Marine

Our Specialty Exterior Glass Water Stain restoration is in both the Marine and Commercial Passenger Industries.

We have been restoring and renewing Exterior Glass Mineral damage since 2005, and the results will NEVER be questioned.

Restoration costs are less than 20% of replacement costs, and the results are similar to that of a NEW Panel. Insurance companies do not pay out on glass staining… they simply class it as an ‘act of God”, and stamp it ‘no payout’!

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Us Restoring another Commercial BUS

Arrange your FREE no obligation demonstration restore patch, assessment and quote NOW

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Or outside an agency region (Most of the world) just go SHOP, and purchase our FULL STRENGTH PASTE!! Its that easy

Our exclusive Glass Mineral and Water Stain restore paste is IP Protected.

The Water Stain Doctor® (registered Trade Mark)

The Water Stain Doctor™ (Has an Exclusive Restore System)

Benefits to YOU

A Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technician OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

* Glass water and mineral stain removal and restorations SPECIALISTS
** Protected IP SYSTEM SINCE 2005
*** Proven beyond any doubt since 2005. Guaranteed Results
**** Exclusive system that ACTUALLY WORKS! * Save up to and over 80% on buying NEW, simply restore for similar results.
*****BUY YOUR OWN FULL IP DIY Restore KIT (Money Back Guarantee) Exactly the paste we use ourselves!!

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Buy an Agency License or BIZ Add-on KIT

The 'Water Stain Doctor' Agency is a well respected sound and proven profitable business. It can be operated as an 'add-on' service to a current business, or operated as a stand alone income earner.

There are 3 options from $2900 to choice from.
Anywhere in the WORLD!

Basis Product Start up Kit FROM $900 (AUST$) + Shipping
Comprehensive START kit FROM $3100 (AUST$) + Shipping
Exclusive LICENSED TURN KEY from $12,500 (AUST$)

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