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Licensed IP Users

The Water Stain Doctor (TM) systems and all regional based licensed business units are operated in the following manner:

  1. The ‘Water Stain Doctor’ Systems, IT web support and IP protected pastes and products that make up the business systems are a legal identity, completely separate to each and every licensed agency region, regardless of its location in the world.
  2. The Water Stain Doctor (TM) Head Office is based in  New Zealand and is responsible for the sourcing, supply, R&D, IT, improvements and system, application enhancements as and when technology advances. Orders from Licensed Agency Owners are then sent Internationally as ordered via the web.
  3. The Water Stain Doctor (Head Office) is the provider of core raw material, marketing, lead generation and social branding awareness.
  4. The Water Stain Doctor individual licensed agency regions operate and stand alone business operators (companies),  operate, manage and run their own individual business units as they see fit! By using the Water Stain Doctors (Head Office Template), ALL business undertaken by a licensee is a contract between THEM and their own CLIENTS! Under no circumstance, legally or otherwise does the WATER STAIN DOCTOR (NZ) have any legal obligation to any damages, or actions, promises and undertakings by a ‘licensed regional owner’

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  1. The Water Stain Doctor (Head Office) works with the individual licensed agencies to a lesser or greater degree depending on how engaging and active the agency owner is. This is NOT a full franchise model, NOR does the ‘system’ allow large volume and costly marketing and support spending from The Water Stain Doctor (Head Office).
  2. The system is based on a minimal operational model, which lowers the fixed costs for the agency operator significantly, and can be operated both part time and full time, depending on what the agency owner wishes to do.
  3. All product warranties and product performance agreements are contractual between the licensed Agency Operator and the Customer. The Water Stain Doctor (Head Office) holds no obligation what so ever to any agency serviced clients, whether commercial, residential or otherwise.

Water Stain Doctor Global Ops

Benefits to YOU

A Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technician OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

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** Protected IP SYSTEM SINCE 2005
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